The Girlfriends Bag


The Girlfriend's Bag

Our goals is simple, we want to help young women cope with the hardships of breast cancer treatment by providing them with our Girlfriend Bag.

Our bags include: restaurant gift cards, gas cards, books, pashmina, knitted hat, nail polish, lip balm, lotion and much more. Many more younger women are being diagnosed and this is just a way of showing them that someone is there and can help.

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The Girlfriends Bracelet

The Girlfriend's Bracelet

The Girlfriends Corner has teamed up with Bohland Jewelers in Ashland, Ohio to design a sterling silver bracelet that is meant to support others battling cancer. It can celebrate a cancer survivor, help someone going through their own diagnosis, or be purchased to support a great cause.

The proceeds go to funding "the girlfriend bags" that are donated to young women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The bracelets are $59.95 plus tax and can be purchased at Bohland Jewelers (various sizes are available).