I was 38 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having no history and living a healthy lifestyle, it came as quite a shock. I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy. I soon realized that this age group had limited resources that targeted the needs of these women. I decided to give “girlfriend bags” to women that were undergoing treatment for breast cancer 40 and under in my local area. I decided to name the bag that because of the support I received from my girlfriends. They have been a huge part of this dream coming true... I hope that you will help me in participating in this great cause.


about us

The Girlfriend's Corner is a 501(c) tax-exempt organization founded in 2010 by Megan Mitchell, a breast cancer survivor and mother of two.

Founder Megan Mitchell, is making a commitment to enjoy “every minute” of life, despite being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at 38 years old. She has fought hard since September 2009 and she's not about to give up now...after all, she has come out on top as one of the tough girls!

In September 2009, Megan went for her yearly check-up to the gynecologist. Although she was seeing a new doctor, the two clicked immediately and began "gabbing about shopping," she said. While the two women talked, the doctor was doing a routine breast exam and felt two lumps she described as "concerning." She was immediately sent for a mammogram and then a biopsy in Akron."I knew right then and there that things weren't great," she said. Megan met with a surgeon and decided what was best for her was to have a bilateral mastectomy - removing both of her breasts - and then having them reconstructed. She then had six rounds of chemotherapy, some of the most trying days of her life.

With the endless support of her family and a strong inner circle of friends, she was able to get through the days when she couldn't even make it out of bed because of being so sick. "I had my port placed in the middle of December and I started my treatment in mid-December," she said. "I would spend five days in bed for one (chemo) treatment." While going through treatment, Megan knew she always had a friend right around the corner who would be willing to do whatever she wanted, even if it was just to sit down and talk with her for a couple of minutes. Megan's friend and neighbor said she's not one to sit around and do nothing, so by sharing her experience with her friends while going through it helped her to be "active" and show her diagnosis wasn't all "doom and gloom." Through The Girlfriends Corner Megan can be assured her experience will be etched in the minds of many women whose lives she has already touched, and those she may not even know yet, but someday will. "Letting people see this aspect of yourself gives them an understanding that you don't stop living." she said.

Our goal is simple: we want to help young women cope with the hardships of breast cancer treatment by providing them with our “Girlfriend Bag.” Our bag's include: books, restaurant gift cards, gas cards, pashmina, knitted hat, nail polish, lip balm, lotion, and so much more. Many more younger women are being diagnosed and this is just a way of showing them that someone is there and can help.